• Work

    Gone of the days when work clothes wasn't flexible, these days work clothes as be reimagine due to different task in the work space and being able to balance this dynamic curriculum is where chinos play a very crucial role in this era.

  • Stylish

    Say it in the way you meant to styles happen to always be personalizes with a pair of chinos which is rugged or sleek top notched we are sure they will get the message

  • Play

    Find the rhythm.

    every location and place /event as its own rhythm is either you are being instructed about the flow or you just tent to be creative a chinos trouser can be your unstoppable rhythm cus good clothes open all doors.

The front view

The front view features the 2 classic trouser pocket with a linear lines material so it wont retain dirt and belt hook to keep things fasten

The rear view

the rear view in the other hand comes with a classic neatly tailor pocket details with a button fist loop to keep things locked and check

  • Mr. Ayode Ajiboye

    Thank you very much i received the pant i appreciate you guys a lot also i love them i got what i ordered thanks so much

  • Mr. David Ajayi

    The guys at Civies store are amazing.
    I was impressed by the quality of their products and found it remarkable that they were always available to respond to my requests, and how promptly they gave feedback on orders I placed. Very fast delivery too, the icing on the cake was the willingness to allow "pay on delivery".
    Impressive service delivery.

  • Mr. Marwan Ghazal

    They are good communicators and their products at of excellent quality. The clothes is very comfortable and original.


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